How to Upload Feeds


Note:  Feed Management is a specific permission. If you do not see the Manage Feeds option in the Operations window, please contact your Office Manager or designated internal i:Que contact.


  1. Click on Operations, then select Manage Feeds.
  2. Click Add; Select your Feed Type.
  3. *Optional* Select whether you wish you upload the file for this night's processing.  Default is Yes (Green).
  4. *Optional* Select the Batch Cycle Stop date.  This is the Pay Period End date you wish the file to apply to.
  5. Click Browse and locate the file you wish to upload. Note: It is not necessary for the File Name to be exact, however, if you are uploading a multi-sheet Excel file, each Tab *must* be named exactly as expected, otherwise an error will occur.
  6. Click Create Feed. This will automatically close the New Feed Wizard window and will open up a new window with the Status of the feed you just uploaded. You may close this window, if you prefer.


For more information about the Status window of your feed, please see the article titled Feed Status Explained.

For more information about Feed Errors, please see the article titled Feed Errors.

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