How to Edit/Remove a News Article


Note #1:  You must have permission to make changes to a news article. If you do not see some of the buttons listed in this step by step, you probably don't have the permissions to make changes. Please see your office manager to inquire if you have the correct permissions.

Note #2:  To Delete a News Article, please contact Support. You can also mark an article as Inactive (see Step 3.1 below) which will remove it from your website.


  1. Click on the down arrow button on the Web Integration button on the Main Navigation bar and select Search News Articles.  The Article Search window will appear.
  2. Enter whatever criteria you wish to find the article you want to edit, or just click Search (this will display every article ever published).
  3. Click the article you want to edit.
    1. General tab - You can alter Permissions, the Date of the article, the Category, the Author, and make the article active/inactive.
    2. Body tab - You can edit the content of your article here.
    3. Permissions tab - You can change the individual permissions here, if the article is not set to Public permission.
    4. Source and Article Media tabs - These allow you to view what is currently selected for each.  To make changes to the Article Source or Article Media, click the Manage Article Sources or Manage Article Media buttons, respectively.
  4. Once you're satisfied with the changes to be made, click Save.
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