Payment Source/Vendor Reconciliation Reports


Once you have completed a Reconciliation, you can export out a variety of reports: A full report of deductions, an exceptions report, and a summary report.  Follow these steps to access these reports: 

  1. Click on the Operations button on the main navigation bar.
  2. Click on Payment Source Reconciliation Wizard (or Vendor Reconciliation Wizard) and select the Most Recent tab or the By Payment Source tab. Most Recent will show both Incomplete and Complete cycles that occurred in the past 2 months and By Payment Source will let you view all cycles for a particular source as far back as you want. Find and click on your completed Reconciliation.
  3. The reconciliation window will open, but there will be no records to reconcile.
  4. Your report choices are at the top of this window:
    • Create Report - This generates a complete listing of all deductions taken. This report can take several minutes to run. This report is generally not created due to its size, unless you need to see all of the records for a pay cycle.
    • Create Exception Report - This generates a report of all records that had an exception.
    • Create Summary Report - This generates a summary of all deductions taken and breaks it down by vendor and type. This also creates a summary of Account Deposits which can be used in accounting software.
  5. Once your report is created, you can Print or Save via the icons above. If you choose Save, you will have the option to save to Excel, Word, or PDF.
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