Feed Errors


Here are some of the more common errors you may see when uploading feeds via the Manage Feeds option in i:Que. If you are unsure how to handle any errors you see, please contact Support at support@iqueadvantage.net and we will gladly assist you.

Unhandled Error
Something unexpected happened. Our development team will investigate the issue.

Bad File
The file could not be read. This could be due to it not being the correct file type, there could be a layout issue, etc.

Parse Error
Data in the indicated field was not in the expected format. For example, the value is supposed to be a date in mm/dd/yyyy format, but instead contains the text "cheeseburger".

Cannot Create Distinct Record
Every feed record is required to have some field or set of fields that form a unique identifier. For example, Employee ID or SSN are commonly used as identifiers for feed member records. If there are multiple records of the same type with the same identifier, the system attempts to merge them into a single record - usually by doing a simple elimination of identical records, but sometimes more complex logic is involved. This error indicates that the set of records sharing a common identifier could not be reduced to a single record.

Field Error
The indicated field on the feed record contains a missing or invalid value. For example, first name and last name are required fields for new member records, a benefit's effective change date must either be empty or greater than its effective start date, etc.

Matching: Unmatched
The feed is not allowed to create new records, and the feed record failed to match to any existing database record.

Matching: One To Many
There are multiple database records that qualify as matches for the feed record.

Matching: Many To One
The feed has multiple records that all want to match to the same database record.

Matching: In File Duplicate
Matching was not attempted because the records have identical values in all of the fields used for matching.

New Lookup Missing Parent
The feed is attempting to add a new entry to a lookup, but the entry's parent does not exist. For example, the feed wants to create a new division in a non-existent department, or a new classification in a non-existent unit.

Multiple Classification Units
The system could not determine which unit the classification belongs to.

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