Vendor Reports Per Pay Period


If you need to run a report on what was collected for a specific vendor/benefit follow these steps:


  1. Go to Operations
  2. Click on Payment Source Reconciliation Wizard
  3. Click on Complete to get a listing of all the completed reconciliation.  If your specific payment source/reconciliation is not listed, try changing to the By Payment Source tab and selecting the payment source and date.
  4. On the specific cycle you are looking for click on the green book with a yellow dot that is located all the way to the left of the row.
  5. The window will open with all the providers listed.  Click Select none, and then select the vendor you are wanting.  Note - the system currently only allows you to select the provider, and not the individual types or coverage levels.  You will have to export to excel to filter the data further if that level of detail is needed.
  6. Once you click next it will give you a list of fields, usually the ones that are selected are the most appropriate, but feel free to change.  Click next when ready.
  7. You can adjust the format, but we suggest leaving it on auto and clicking next.
  8. The system may take a few minutes to load the data.  Once it loads you can view the info.  If you ant to export just click on the disc icon and select export to Excel.


If you need additional support just email  

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